Press Package

"A God send for every bilingual bicultural parent, teacher, and educator... A must buy for your library or book shelf at home to ease your days and make them happier ones with your children or grandchildren."
- La Prensa de San Diego
"Over the past 20 years, he has popularized traditional Latin American and Spanish songs used in schools across the nation."
- LA Times
"A one man educational program teaching Latin American heritage"
- Houston Chronicle
"This is a great book for teacher's of young children. The songs are very colorful and happy and the children love all of them. My students ask to use the book everyday."
- Jennifer Rule, Headstart Teacher, Los Angeles Times, Home Edition
"A must for every classroom."
- Dr. Roberto Cruz, National Advisory Council on Bilingual Education
"Bound to appeal to bilingual audiences...a joyous collection of Latin American rich cultural tradition."
- Marily Courtot (review of De Colores), Children's Literature
"Truly a musical treasure...a rich and resonant children's book."
- Ann Ayres (review of De Colores), Booklist
"Songs which we call our textbook: De Colores and Other Latin American Folk Songs for Children by José-Luis Orozco." How to Keep Your Children's Culture Alive
- Kimberly Garcia, Moderna Magazine
"Este es un libro delicioso."(Review of Diez Deditos)
- Vista Magazine
"All his books are original and the tapes are fun."
- Florida Sun Sentinel
"El sonido es mágico."
- La Opinión