School Literacy Kit

For pre-school - 2nd grade

For pre-school - 2nd grade

The most complete audiovisual set for classroom and home learning success! The perfect complement to your kid’s early education, this useful collection of beautiful songs will surely help your kids develop essential skills in early literacy, while having a great time learning.

"A must for every classroom." 
Dr. Roberto Cruz
National Advisory Council on Bilingual Education

This collection of 3 books, 11 CDs and 1 educational DVD is a valuable learning set to help kids succeed in school and at home.

The kit includes:

  • Diez Deditos (Ten Little Fingers) Book & CD
  • De Colores (Bright with Colors) Book & CD
  • Fiestas (A Year of Latin American Songs of Celebration) CD
  • Esta es mi Tierra (This is My Land) CD
  • Canto y Cuento (Sing & Tell) CD
  • Lírica Infantil Vol. 1 (Oral Tradition for Kids) CD
  • Lírica Infantil Vol. 2 (Oral Tradition for Kids) CD
  • Lírica Infantil Vol. 3 (Oral Tradition for Kids) CD
  • Animales y Movimiento: Lírica Infantil Vol. 4 (Animals & Movements) CD
  • Letras, Números y Colores: Lírica Infantil Vol. 5 (Letters, Numbers & Colors) CD
  • Rin, Rin, Rin/Do, Re, Mi Book & CD
  • Cantamos y Aprendemos (Singing and Learning) DVD
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Full Product Information

    Interactive Learning:
  • This award-winning collection will teach kids how to become bilingual by using music, movement, colors and numbers engaging all their senses while learning. 
  • School Complement:
  • This colorful collection of folk songs, games and stories help children develop early motor and literacy skills.
  • Complete Content:
  • These educational books and sing-along sets, CDs and DVD will provide hours of songs and stories that are the perfect tool to teach kids English and Spanish.

Award-winning José-Luis Orozco brings his musical learning approach directly to you with these books, CDs & educational DVD that are designed to make learning Spanish and English fun while celebrating and preserving the richness of Latin American culture.

This fantastic collection is the most complete audiovisual set for classroom success and home school learning! A great after-school complement to your kid’s early education, this useful collection of beautiful songs will surely help your kids develop essential skills in early literacy, while they are having a great time learning at home or in school.

The book & CD combo De Colores (Bright with Colors) offers a bright collection of folk songs filled with the color and spirit of Latin American culture. Whether celebrating your own culture or learning about the language and traditions of another, De Colores is a wonderful celebration of the diversity of our music.

Centuries of children’s traditions from Spanish-speaking countries are represented in Diez Deditos (Ten Little Fingers) book & CD, a bilingual collection of finger rhymes and action songs. Your kids will have fun singing, clapping, dancing and enjoying vibrant themes such as languages, parts of the body, animals, sounds and musical instruments, as well as, the importance of family and self-esteem. 

Fiestas (A Year of Latin American Songs of Celebration) CD contains a treasure of 23 songs that celebrate holidays and festivals that occur throughout the year that represent the diversity of Latin American cultures. Catchy rhythms and lyrics are selected to make learning easy.   

Canto y Cuento (Sing & Tell) y Esta es mi Tierra (This is My Land) CDs celebrate the rich diversity of Latin-American folk songs while teaching kids movement, numbers and traditions.

Developed with Scholastic’s Lee y Serás literacy program, Rin, Rin, Rin/Do, Re, Mi empowers parents to engage in activities that help kids with counting, singing and reading.  The book was illustrated by award-winning artist David Diaz. The Rin, Rin, Rin/Do, Re, Mi single was produced by GRAMMY award-winning music producer KC Porter who has worked with the biggest stars in the Latin music.

The kit also includes five volumes of José-Luis Orozco’s Lírica Infantil (Oral Tradition) including Animales y Movimiento (Animals and Movement) and Letras Números y Colores (Letters, Numbers and Colors).

With the popular educational DVD Cantamos y Aprendemos (Singing and Learning), your kids will be entertained as they learn while following José-Luis Orozco’s interactive songs.


Award-winning children's book author and recording artist

José-Luis Orozco is the nation's leading bilingual educator.

Orozco dedicates himself to what he truly enjoys—singing for children—and has amassed a loyal following of parents, teachers and children. Using songs, rhymes and games to teach Spanish and English in a fun and unique way, his presentations are a musical journey through Latin American history, language and culture. Orozco’s work has been enjoyed by millions of children, and his books and music are used every day by thousands of schools throughout the country.

With a career spanning more than thirty years and with fourteen recordings, numerous award-winning books and a learning DVD to his name, José-Luis Orozco is recognized as the authority in children's music. He is a featured speaker and presenter at educational conferences and seminars for teachers, parents, librarians and childcare providers who seek to use music as an important learning tool in their multicultural classrooms. Orozco serves as a reading ambassador for Scholastic, the internationally acclaimed children’s book publisher.

Born in Mexico City, Orozco discovered his love of music at a young age. He joined the Mexico City Boy's Choir at the age of eight, enjoying the opportunity to travel to Europe, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, soaking up cultural knowledge along the way. In search of the American Dream, he moved to California when he was nineteen. He earned a Bachelor's Degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master's Degree in Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco. A father of four and grandfather of two, he currently lives in Los Angeles, California.