Show Bookings

Professional Development:
This highly interactive workshop demonstrates how to use songs, rhymes, rhythms and games in classrooms, on a daily basis, to enhance a child's motor, language acquisition, literacy, social, cognitive and developmental skills, while promoting cultural diversity and positive self-esteem. Teachers learn to use music to develop phonemic awareness and vocabulary that leads toward fluency. The rich heritage of music from the Spanish-speaking world, used in both English and Spanish, teaches Latin American culture, history, and oral traditions. Teachers will practice methods of using movement, games, rhythm, rhyme, musical moods, call and response, differences and commonalities in culture/music, and be able to integrate these into their curriculum.
Parent Engagement Seminars:
This workshop will give parents important demonstrations of how multi-cultural music can be used to develop and nurture language and literacy skills, as well as promote cultural diversity and positive self-esteem. Mr. Orozco will model how to use music, rhythm, games and songs to enhance early childhood learning skills. This highly interactive workshop brings the rich heritage of the Spanish-speaking world to children and parents.
School Assemblies:
Music is an exceptional learning tool! Music promotes every important aspect of a child's development. It sparks and enhances language, listening and cognitive skills, as well as motor and coordination skills. Music allows children the ability to learn faster and more effectively, especially when games, rhymes and movement are combined. Unlike formal teaching modalities, musical games are a non-threatening mode of learning, and skill retention is very high.
In his presentation, José-Luis Orozco uses field tested traditional Latin American songs as well as original compositions, in English and Spanish, to show how the teaching of core elementary subjects, such as basic concepts, language development, listening skills and movement expression can be a positive and fulfilling experience for children!
Evening or Weekend Family Concerts:
His concert is an energetic and interactive journey through Latin American culture, history and oral traditions. During his presentations, José-Luis plays his acoustic guitar as he sings traditional Latin American Children's songs and original compositions. His music combines rhymes, movements, and rhythm with information. Elementary subjects, such as the alphabet, vowels, numbers, colors, and body parts, are taught through the songs. José Luis is able to conduct his presentations in Spanish, English, or both depending on the needs of the audience. Children and families are invited to join José-Luis in singing, dancing, and acting out songs through the entire show.
Presentation for young-adults: Immigrant Success Story
In this multimedia visual presentation, celebrated singer, song writer and children’s book author, José Luis Orozco, passionately shares his story of growing up in Mexico, his personal struggles, challenges, and key role models that played a part in his success as an immigrant. Inspired by his cultural, social and educational experiences, he demonstrates how the power of music and song transformed his life, as an example of what is possible.

In alignment with the Common Core Standards, it will give students an opportunity to reflect on their own realities, and to deeply consider the importance of education in the development of critical thinkers and competent and creative young citizens. The outcome is to inspire and empower students and community, who will ultimately, take leadership of our world.